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Day care centre

At Kilmainhamwood, an Active Retirement Centre is in place run by KADA, a non-profit company to take care of everyday running of the complex, which incorporate the Nursing Home, Day Care Center and Special Care Cottages.

KADA intends to extent its facilities and caring to the Retirement Village in general i.e. Dinners at affordable prices, laundry service, transport from Retirement Village to surrounding areas.

By attending day care participants are provided with the opportunity to receive health and social services in a stimulating and supportive environment that encourages socialization and interaction.


Services Provided

  • Care
    A hairdressing and beautician facility is available Our local Public health nurses also attend each day and provide a clinic for the elderly. If further care is needed the participants are referred to the local Doctor. Home care can also be organised within the day care centre if required. Chiropody is also available on a monthly basis.
  • Meals
    Meals and snacks are provided on a daily basis. A variety of foods are served daily and menu's are changed on a weekly basis.
  • Shopping
    We purchase our bread all homemade from a local woman whose baking has proven to be very popular among our elderly, so much so that they order bread each week from the day care centre and we collect it for them.
  • Exercise
    As part of our daily program we all participate in a chair exercise class for approx. 20 minutes for a lot of elderly people this is the only form of safe exercise they perform on a weekly basis. It's a fun class and creates a lot of social interaction. Everybody is encouraged to take part
  • Arts and Crafts
    The VEC provided us with an art teacher called Noreen Walsh, all the art supplies and a weekly class which has proved to be very successful. We have quite a few budding artists and hope to have an arts exhibition in Navan in April. In one of our groups we also have a lady, Peggy Govern, who at the moment is starting to do art's and crafts with her group i.e. Patchwork Quilts, cushions, decorations act, hopefully this will prove to be as successful
  • Music, singing & dancing
    Our local Priest Father Flynn, who is involved in Ceoltas provides a lot of our music, we are lucky with the groups we have, as they all enjoy singing and dancing.
  • Games
    Bingo is held daily, cards, rings, drafts, chess and snakes and ladders are also available if anybody requires them. The people who do not participate in the art class normally play cards or rings.
  • Recreational Outings
    This year we hope to take a group away for a midweek break and have at least three different day trips one in Spring and a second in Summertime and our third in winter. The groups themselves will choose the venue. We have an art exhibition on the 3rd of April which will be held in Navan. We will also be organising nights out to our local town Kingscout to see different bands play. If groups themselves wand to go to the theatre or to different plays this can be organised for the groups themselves
  • Other activities
    At the moment we are organising a mock wedding, we have tried to involve as much of the group as possible and we hope to get the bride and bridesmaids organised and chauffeured from the village that morning and have the wedding and the reception in the day care centre. We will invite another retirement group down for the day.

The main aim of our centre is to have fun. We have found that by encouraging people to use this facility they themselves have planned other social events and have become more self-reliant. A lot of people have made good friends in the day care centre and now look forward to the future, they are more confident and far more out going.

Kilmainhamwood Retirement Village
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