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What is Kilmainhamwood Retirement Village?

The village is a new concept in Retirement and Health Care which consists of 39 semi and detached two bedroom homes, a state of the art 50 bed Nursing and Convalescent Centre, a Community and Day Care Centre and 20 Special Care Homes.

What is the Management Company?

The Management Company is put in place to insure the common areas of the village are maintained to a high standard, for the enjoyment of all residents. When all the units are sold, control of Management Company is taken over by the owners who elect their own Board of Management and each owner is a shareholder on the company.

Can you rent a home?

It couldn't be simpler. There is a short term and lifetime lease option. There is also the unique opportunity to lease and then purchase.

What advantages are there to renting?

People considering retirement can explore the possibility of relocating to a different area with the safety net that if they do not like it, they can return to their original home.While renting in Kells, they will be generating income from their home by also renting that out.The resident can enjoy his or her own money instead of it being tied up in a house. They will be in a village atmosphere, amongst their peers and will have the company of people in a similar position to themselves. Secure surroundings with neighbours who share the same values.

Who can purchase a Home in Kilmainhamwood?

Anyone can purchase a home, whether for a relative or for an investment, but only people over 55 years of age may reside there.

What facilities are available on Kilmainhamwood Retirement Village?

The Day Care Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9-5.30pm. Services include hairdressing, Chiropody, Art classes, Dinners at affordable prices. All residents have access to state of the art nursing care at the Mowlam Healthcare, Nursing and Convalescent Home located on the development, where expert medical attention is available, if required. They can also use the restaurant facilities of the nursing home. An on site Manager will take charge of maintenance and other issues for the residents.

Will residents have access to medical services?

Residents will be able to make direct contact with the Nursing Home in emergencies. Medical personnel will make weekly visits to the Day Care Centre Clinic.

What type of security will be available?

The development will have an electronically controlled gate entrance and additional levels of security will be determined by the community.

Is there any transport available?

There is public transport available daily with buses to Navan and Dublin from the Retirement Village. In due course the Village will have its own transport with a designated minibus.

Outside amenities?

Kilmainhamwood and its surroundings area is not only a beautiful place to retire to but it also offers an abundance of first class leisure facilities, including excellent fishing, Horseracing and golf.

How far is the village to:
  • Kingscourt- 10 minutes
  • Kells - 15 minutes
  • Navan - 30 minutes
  • Dublin - 35 miles

Kilmainhamwood Retirement Village
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